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Ballston Metro Station is the closest station to Arlington House so that's where your journey will begin. 

Click the image to link to a trip planner to get you from the house to Ballston Metro Station

Getting around in DC can be intimidating but with a few simple tips you can get anywhere you want to go- stress free!

Tip 1: Use the Metro System: DC streets are an incomprehensible, tangled web of confusion. You can drive but then you have to deal with traffic and paying for parking. So don't sweat it, there are buses and metro stations all over the city and if you have the handy Metro and Bus app for apple and android . You'll always know exactly when the train or bus is coming- a HUGE time saver.

Tip 2: Wear comfortable shoes because DC is a walking city and you will put some miles on that pedometer. Once you get into the heart of DC you'll often find that it's easier and more fun to walk from one part of town to another rather than go underground again. 

Tip 3: Bring a backpack and stuff it with one of our "DC Survival Kits" (basically water and snacks). Many of the most touristy areas of DC - like the Smithsonian/ National Mall - have very few options for food. That said, it is getting a little better as more and more gourmet food trucks pop up around town but for now your best option is to have your own snacks to hold you over - unless you like hot dogs, there are a LOT of hot dog trucks.